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GT Restructuring¯
Potsdamer Platz 1
10785 Berlin, Germany
T +49 (0) 30 700 171 100
F +49 (0) 30 700 171 900

GT Restructuring provides multidisciplinary advice in complex insolvency proceedings and restructuring processes. Christian Köhler-Ma and Gordon Geiser run the practice and regularly assume the management of companies in crisis as restructuring managers. In addition, Köhler-Ma has worked as an insolvency administrator and court appointed trustee for many years.

The collaboration between Greenberg Traurig and GT Restructuring  allows us to offer national and international companies a unique skillset to assist in distressed scenarios and to develop efficient and innovative strategies to turn around a company in financial difficulties. GT Restructuring helps investors and businesses adjust and align their activities in Germany to changed market conditions, or to use an insolvency plan as a flexible tool for acquisitions. Clients can take advantage of these powerful instruments to turn a target with a business in downturn into a sustainable and competitive investment. Also creditors of distressed companies benefit from the pragmatic and hands on approach of the GT Restructuring team based on decades of practical experience in reorganizing and restructuring companies in difficult situations.

In addition to the services provided as restructuring managers, GT Restructuring also offers traditional insolvency administration and fiduciary duties as well as advice to managing directors exposed to liability risks and creditors facing a customer in a crisis. In this respect, GT Restructuring closely cooperates with the international Finance and Restructuring Team of Greenberg Traurig. The Köhler-Ma Geiser Partnerschaft operates GT Restructuring.