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20th Annual Real Estate Tax Forum

GT Shareholder Sandy Presant will be speaking on various topics at the 20th Annual Real Estate Tax Forum on January 2-30 in New York City. The overall program will continue to focus on transactions, highlighting the tax problems encountered by practitioners in today’s typical commercial real estate transactions and structures, and examining the simple and sophisticated solutions being used by the experts.  Panels of nationally-recognized real estate tax experts from major law and accounting firms will provide attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals with a detailed analysis of the most cutting-edge and creative tax planning techniques available for structuring, restructuring and unwinding different types of real estate transactions in today’s challenging environment.  Using extensive visual aids and actual deal structures, this group of entertaining, experienced and knowledgeable speakers will share their experiences with today’s state-of-the-art planning techniques, and emphasize practical approaches to solving difficult tax issues affecting real estate investment and operation. 

This Forum is designed for tax attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals who structure real estate transactions.