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Bloomberg Law Leadership Forum, “Embracing Change: Proactive Compliance and Reputational Risk”

The event, taking place virtually over two afternoons, aims to examine “how social change translates into policy and operational changes, how corporations and law firms are transforming their internal conduct, impacts on relationships with business partners, proactive compliance and active reputations risk management strategies, and corporate engagement’s impact on contractual relationships.  Kirn’s panel will address how in-house counsel and their companies treat their employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how that relates to social justice, economic pressure, and the expected enforcement of these actions by federal and state agencies.  She will discuss several issues of concern to virtually every business including translating ESG programs into company culture, mitigating corporate risk, and emergency preparedness and response. 


  • Peter Anderson, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Carnival
  • Marcy Sharon Cohen, Managing Director, Chief Legal Officer, ING Americas
  • Laurie N. Robinson Haden, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Counsel Women of Color
  • Jillian C. Kirn, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Moderator:  Amanda Allen, Analysis Team Lead, Bloomberg Law