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TMA Chicago/Midwest Lunch & Learn

Restructuring Shareholder Nancy Peterman will participate on a panel titled "Distressed & Turnaround Issues in Healthcare: Everything you want to know but have been afraid to ask" at TMA Chicago/Midwest's Lunch & Learn on June 1, 2018. The discussion will highlight the key financial factors that create stress for healthcare businesses, how to overcome that stress and what to do when you can't, including seeking the appointment of a receiver or filing for bankruptcy. The panelists will highlight certain unique reimbursement, survey and other regulatory issues that can trigger distress for a healthcare business. These unique healthcare issues are key to any professional's understanding of the industry and how to fix the problems. In addition, with stress, comes opportunities. The panelists will also highlight why to invest in this industry if you are a lender, buyer, or professional. 
When you walk out of this program, you will have a basic understanding of the unique financial and regulatory issues facing healthcare business, the options to fix them and where to find the opportunities.