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American Conference Institute Anti-Corruption Mexico Summit

The Annual Mexico Anti-Corruption Summit (now in its sixth year) has become the premier anti-corruption compliance event for local industry due the caliber of expert speakers, seniority of delegates and complexity of legal and compliance issues discussed.
In Mexico, a new president and administration took office on December 1, 2018. As regards the fight against corruption and bribery in both the public and private spheres, a lot of hope has been pinned on the president, who had built his campaign primarily around the promise to clamp down on corruption.
Against this backdrop, there remain many looming questions:
Will the incoming administration continue the outgoing administration’s strategy when it comes to anti-corruption?
Will there be changes to the Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción?
When will this important piece of legislation be enforced?
What are the implications for industry and multinationals and the steps they will need to take to remain compliant with Mexican anti-corruption legislation?
How will cooperation with U.S. FCPA enforcement authorities look like going forward?