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The Women, Diversity & Change Summit: Chicago

GT is a sponsor of The Women, Diversity & Change Summit in Chicago on June 6. The summit will explore how to create lasting change for women and minorities in the legal profession with topics such as: advocating for yourself and others, what are the best way to deal with discrimination and unconscious bias, what can be done to increase diversity in leadership, techniques, and strategies to enhance your career and sponsor other women and minorities. GT Shareholder Tiffany Fordyce (CHI) will speak on the panel "Dealing with Unconscious Bias & Discrimination," discussing how unconscious bias and information can be dealt with and overcome. GT Shareholder Lorraine Tyson will be a panelist during the "Succeeding in Male Dominant Environments" session, focusing on how to create change, effectively self-advocate and succeed in a male dominated atmosphere. GT Of Counsel Alejandra Garcia Earley will be a speaker on the "Self-Advocacy & Countering Personal Negation" panel, discussing how to pursue growth opportunities, how to find the right mentor and the drive to develop the career and life that best fits your aspiration.