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Japan TELESA Delegation Tel Aviv Pitch & Reception

Telecom Service Association of Japan (TELESA) is the largest telecom industry corporate group with over 1000 member companies, many of them with more than $1Billion in revenue. The purpose of this industry group is to foster innovation in all area of telecommunications and give recommendation to government while guiding member companies for best practice in the newly developing area. 5G will become the priority development technology for Japanese telecom industry in 2020 with roll out by all 4 MNOs in Japan and with deployment comes new sets of innovative technologies. As with previous 4G smartphone revolution, Japanese telecom industry welcomes cross border technology partnerships and for this reason, TELESA will be sending a delegation of Japanese companies to Israel in January 2020.

Mission Plan
We are expecting 5-10 companies 10-20 member to travel to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for 3 days of intensive business meetings and presentations. For business development purpose we wish to arrange as many pre-curated one-on-one meetings. Each of the delegations will have specific technology area of interest and their shopping list of innovation. Deals that they seek will be licensing, distribution, procurement and strategic partnership deals for role out in Japan in 2020. Whilst 5G is the core technology they focus, the business domain and industry may be varied. For this reason, each of the delegation will submit technology shopping list so that relevant Israeli businessmen will know what to expect and who would be the right person to talk.