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Data Sharing, Privacy, Security and Access for Affiliated Businesses

Darren Abernethy, Of Counsel, will speak on a webinar titled "Data Sharing, Privacy, Security and Access for Affiliated Businesses" at the Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO) 27 Virtual Annual Conference.

California and a number of other states have started to implement strict privacy laws that impact the way companies access, classify, manage, retain and share the information they obtain from their customers. No companies are more affected than settlement service providers - particularly those that in the regular course of business rely on their ability to gather, retain and share customer information. What must you do to comply with the new laws? How will these changes affect the work you do and how you do it? Listen to senior internal and external counsel deeply experienced in advising regulated and unregulated companies talk about how they are guiding clients through a changing landscape in the areas of privacy and data sharing and security.