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Privacy + Security Forum Virtual Fall Academy

GT is a sponsor of the Privacy + Security Forum Virtual Fall Academy October 21-23. The conference will break down the silos of privacy and security and bring together seasoned thought leaders hosting virtual sessions and workshops designed to deliver practical takeaways for all conference participants. On Thursday, October 22 GT Shareholder Gretchen Ramos (SF) will lead the session "New Privacy Laws that Impact Your Operations – the LGPD (Brazil), APPI Amendments (Japan), and the CPRA (California)." The program will provide an overview of the key aspects of these new laws, how they are similar to and differ from the EU’s GDPR, and the steps organizations should consider taking to ensure they are in compliance with these new privacy laws. GT Shareholders Jena M. Valdetero (CHI) and David A. Zetoony (DEN) will also lead the session "Cookie Banners - 'Yes' or 'No'" on Thursday, October 22. On Friday, October 23 GT Shareholder Ian C. Ballon will present the session, "CCPA and Other Cybersecurity Litigation." His session will address the latest case law, trends and strategy in CCPA and other cybersecurity litigation, including when CCPA statutory damage remedies actually may be available, new opinions on when cybersecurity investigations are protected by privilege, causation and damage issues, standing, and settlement trends.