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GT is a sponsor of the WTR Connect 2020 virtual conference October 6 - 15, 2020. The conference will feature more than 20 individual interactive digital sessions, designed to facilitate discussion, benchmarking and the sharing of best practice around key topic areas and challenges facing trademark and brand leaders. On October 7, GT Senior Vice President Mary-Olga Lovett (HOU) will moderate the session, "Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion."  While often seen as one of the most diverse parts of the legal world, does the trademark industry actually have a diversity issue? Participants will consider that question and explore and assess the recruitment programs in place to support diversity, identifying the latest best practice and weighing the expectations of law firm and service provider partners.

On October 13, GT Shareholder Marc Trachtenberg (CHI) will speak on the session "Protecting Your Brand from Hidden Attacks During Times of Crisis." Due to the current COVID pandemic, most of the workforce is now working remotely whether or not the companies or the workers were ready to do so and most work and transactions have migrated to online and/or through email.  This unplanned shift to remote has resulted in significant vulnerabilities as companies and workers adjust to this new reality and we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the number and complexity of trademark and brand-based attacks against companies as well as their employees, customers, partners and vendors resulting in billions of dollars in losses.  This discussion will explain how these attacks work and discuss effective strategies to detect and protect against them so that you are not the next statistic. Trachtenberg will also be presenting the award for the Travel and Leisure Team of the Year during the WTR Connect Awards ceremony on October 5.