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17th Annual Stanford Digital Economy Best Practices Conference

The Stanford Digital Economy Best Practices Conference is the premier educational event for in-house counsel and practitioners who work in or for Internet, e-commerce, mobile, social networking and cloud companies. The conference brings together leading experts from industry, legal practice and academia to address current issues facing the industry and offer practical solutions for dealing with the many legal uncertainties that arise when doing business online. GT Shareholder Ian C. Ballon (LA/SV) will deliver the welcome and introduction remarks throughout the 3-day online event. Ballon is also a panelist during the session, "AI, IP, and Data Interoperability Best Practices for Deploying AI," on November 5. The program will focus on trade secret protection for AI algorithms, data loss protection, litigation strategies, and AI and privacy concerns. Ballon is also a panelist on the General Counsel roundtable on December 4. GT Shareholder Gretchen Ramos (SF) is a speaker during the "The Privacy Compliance Marathon: From the GDPR to CCPA to Brazil and Beyond" session. The session will discuss best practices for ongoing international compliance deadlines and enforcement obligations, best practices for developing a culture of compliance, how to address privacy issues where laws conflict, best practices for issues beyond the scope of regulation, and a GAAP analysis of GDPR and CCPA compliance.