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PLI Webinar: Teleworking: The New Normal? What Employers Should Bear in Mind as the Economy Continues to Shift to Teleworking

Please join Michael J. Slocum, Esq. and Ryan P. O’Connor, Esq. as they discuss considerations, best practices, and potential pitfalls for employers as social, economic, and cultural realities continue to shift the workplace toward teleworking. 

Topics to be covered include:
• Compensation Considerations
o Exemption Status
o Tracking Employees’ Hours of Work
o Overtime, Reimbursement, and “Off-the-Clock” Issues
• Teleworking as an Accommodation
o Offering Teleworking as an Accommodation
o Supplying Equipment for Teleworking
• Adopting Teleworking Policies
o Establishing the Policy
o Communicating the Policy