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Due Diligence and Law Enforcement Insights on Cross-Border M&A Transactions

As the global economy adjusts to the impact of COVID-19, cross-border M&A shows no significant signs of slowing. Trade and anti-corruption laws and regulations are generally subject to a wide jurisdictional reach by EU, Dutch and US authorities. Violations by a target group of investors create significant potential successor liability for both the investor and acquiror, and may impact the value and, in some cases, the objective of a deal.
Join ACG Holland, Hertoghs and Greenberg Traurig for a panel discussion that will focus on key hot topics including:
  • Diligence risks of enforcement actions against investors and acquirors for violations of anti-bribery, and anti-corruption provisions.
  • Economic sanctions—complicated by the divergence between EU and US (OFAC) sanctions, and national security reviews.
  • The impact of US due diligence aspects, best practices for triaging these diligence risks to effectively manage the deal timeline, and also to protect the value and objective of the investment.
  • The collaboration of law enforcement between the EU and US.