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Strategies for Managing eDiscovery and Reducing Costs CLE - Association of Corporate Counsel Tampa Bay

eDiscovery remains unavoidable and only seems to grow in scale and scope every year. New forms of electronic communications, the creation and use of big data, the continued migration to online commerce and business interactions, and the fact that large portions of the workforce are working remotely means electronic data is being created in ever-increasing volumes. This environment is compelling in-house legal departments to balance both business demands and litigation goals while still satisfying the rules and ethics governing eDiscovery.

  • This CLE program is aimed at assisting in-house counsel, from both a technical and legal perspective, with strategies for managing large volumes of data and reducing eDiscovery costs. Topics will include:

    • Data Evaluation
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Review and Production
    • Strategies for reducing eDiscovery costs
    • Look ahead for eDiscovery