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Advanced Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and TCPA Class Action Litigation 2021

GT Shareholder Ian C. Ballon (LA/SV) is the Chair of PLI's annual Advanced Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and TCPA Class Action Litigation Conference on January 11, 2021. The conference will address the hottest trends, latest case law, and most important strategy decisions that companies and their counsel need to know for 2021. Ballon will deliver the opening remarks and present the session, "Cybersecurity and Privacy Case Law and Strategic Trends – Year in Review." The session will cover the major new cases and trends from the past year in the law of data privacy, security breach and TCPA class action suits. Based on more than 200+ pages of case law analysis, discussions will include, assessing the first year of CCPA litigation; cybersecurity breach standing circuit splits and case law and settlement trends; TCPA issues before the U.S. Supreme Court and Circuit Courts of Appeal; federal and state privacy case law, litigation and trends; biometric, IoT and other state law trends; and case law trends on online and mobile contract formation and the enforceability of arbitration clauses -- and common company mistakes.

GT Associate Rebekah S. Guyon will be a panelist during the session, “Selected Hot Topics in Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and TCPA Class Action Litigation.” The panel will discuss causation and damage issues in cybersecurity class action suits; ransomware attacks and trends; privilege issues associated with breach investigations; CCPA litigation statistics; experts – and when to use them; mediation – timing, strategy, and when it is useful; and settlement valuation and trends.