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Driving Diversity in Law & Leadership [Virtual Summit]: San Francisco

GT is a sponsor of the Driving Diversity in Law & Leadership [Virtual Summit]: San Francisco March 23, 2021. The summit will explore the obstacles, risks and rewards on the path to a fulfilling and productive career for women and minority leaders. GT's Michelle Ferreira, Co-Managing Shareholder of the San Francisco Office and Co-Managing Shareholder of the Silicon Valley Office, will present the session "The Time for Change is NOW: Attracting, Promoting & Retaining Leaders of Color." The session will explore challenges that minority leaders face in the legal profession , why law firms and other employers should care about retaining and advancing people of color, performative vs. substantive change, affinity groups and other resources, and success stories - advice for young attorneys of color. GT's Gretchen A. Ramos, Global Co-Chair of the Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, will present the session "Rewriting the Rules in the Age of COVID-19: Becoming a Futurist," discussing letting go of the past and finding new ways of adapting to the changes ahead , the obstacles and challenges and silver linings of COVID, and how we can leverage the new normal to create more opportunities to promote DEI initiatives.