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Employee Health Data Collection Guidelines & Vaccination-Tracking Best Practices

GT Shareholder and Co-Chair, U.S. Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Jena M. Valdetero was a panelist during the IAPP webinar, "Employee Health Data Collection Guidelines & Vaccination-Tracking Best Practices," on Wednesday, March 10. Many states are adopting or recommending COVID-19 guidelines when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus in the workplace. With that comes a hidden set of challenges that privacy litigators are keeping an eye on when it comes to data collection practices for employee health data. Companies must not only create policies and procedures that meet regulatory requirements, but they must also ensure they are being followed to avoid future penalties. Beyond the legal requirements, employers should be crafting and implementing policies that employees consider reasonable and understandable. Loss of employee trust in management through overreach in the collection and use of employee's personal health information is not a challenge most organizations want to take on in this environment. The webinar focused on best practices around health data record-keeping to help you develop a plan now.