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Own Your Aliyah, Consider your Career: Opportunities, Obstacles and the Fabled "Work-Life Balance"

In honor of International Women's Month, Greenberg Traurig is proud to host a live, fireside chat featuring an all-Olot panel of vibrant professionals.

Join our veteran professional Olot to discuss: •What happens to your career investment when leaving your home country
•Boards, Bars, and Degrees: know what you need
•Opportunities in Israel for continuing, or pivoting, your established career/skill-set
•Critical Steps to take pre- and post-Aliyah to better ensure a smooth transition
•Tempering expectations: career perceptions, salary, & "hitting the ground running”
•Networking as an Olah
•The “work-life balance” in Israel

Our discussion will focus on career considerations within the greater scope of Aliyah for established women professionals considering Aliyah, or who have already made Aliyah.