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Litigation in Environmental, Social, and Governance Financings CLE Presentation for HSBC North America

As Environmental, Social, and Governance "ESG" is at the top of every corporate agenda, this webinar examines the associated litigation risks, and how companies can prepare to respond and ultimately resolve some of the more likely claims involving ESG issues.  GT Shareholders will provide a Market Overview of the rapidly expanding scope of the market; examine Greenwashing and Litigation Risks; outline the EU Framework, including the EU Green Taxonomy and its ripple effects to the U.S. corporate sector, and how the U.S. will likely be looking to EU frameworks in formulating sustainability policies; review U.S. ESG accounting goals to establish a globally agreed set of sustainability topics and related disclosure requirements, and identify the sustainability topics that will reasonably affect a company’s financial condition, operating performance, or risk profile; the Administration of ESG Credits / Potential Reputational Harm, in addition to reputational risks to lenders and law firms issuing ESG opinions, consider potential for litigation and increased regulatory scrutiny.