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2021 IP Counsel Café Silicon Valley Annual Meeting

GT is a sponsor of the IP Counsel Café’s Silicon Valley Annual Meeting on October 4-8, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Palo Alto. The event will feature more than 80 IP professionals presenting virtual and in-person sessions. GT Shareholder Jim DeCarlo (ORL) will present the session, "Open Source and the Business Process Behind It ," on October 7 at 11:15 AM PST. Additional panelist will include Renee Brown, Director, IP at Lyft; Michael Martin, Associate General Counsel and Head of Patents at Verizon Media; and Sue Xia, Assistant General Counsel - Patents and Open Source at Walmart.

The session will discuss:
  • How do you quantify risk when there is little open source litigation?
  • Is there an industry standard tool for open source compliance?
  • How do you formalize the process of contributing to open source projects? How do you open source your own projects? How do you make sure you have the right stakeholders involved? How do you track the approval process?
  • What organizational structures can you put in place to run open source and make policy decisions on a high level and a case by case basis?
  • Who approves open source projects? how do you track an action item?
  • How do you decide if it has been security approved? Who needs to approve it?
  • What is your process for deciding if it is a good business decision to open source a piece of code? who decides? what are the factors you need to think about?
  • How do you articulate a a policy that makes sense for your engineering teams?