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VIRTUAL: Infocast Master Class - Renewable Energy Project Valuation

GT's John Eliason, Global Co-Head of Energy Project Finance, is serving as an instructor for Infocast's virtual Master Class titled "Renewable Energy Project Valuation" October 13-14, 2021. The Master Class will conduct a deep dive into valuation approaches in today's market and how to use them to meet IRS, investor and regulatory requirements. It will step through the rigorous application of valuation approaches, helping develop a depth of understanding and appreciation of how to incorporate market volatility in valuations that rely on varying forward energy price projects provided by competing market sources and often spotty market transaction data.

The Master Class will be taught by senior renewable energy project valuation professionals from Marshall & Stevens, a recognized leader in valuation services, including over $50 billion of renewable energy projects valued over the past 10 years. The class will also feature presentations by highly-respected renewable energy project attorneys, investors and top developers to provide their perspectives of asset valuation in the current market.