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ACI's 12th West Coast Forum on FCPA Enforcement and Compliance

San Francisco shareholder Carolyn McNiven will speak at the American Conference Institute's (ACI) 12th West Coast Forum on FCPA Enforcement and Compliance on June 15, 2022 in the program, "A Complete Guide to Strengthening Third Party and Supply Chain Due Diligence: Revisiting Risk Assessments, Compliance, and Monitoring from Start to Finish." The session will discuss how companies are using a tiered due diligence approach based on the appropriate risk level and type of third party in question and how to re-evaluate risk ranking approaches and manage the costs of a robust program. Other topics include: 

  • How to incorporate effective front-end vetting and screening protocols based on the type of relationship and interests represented by the third party
  • Developing a model that stratifies your risk based on third parties — and how to Perform due diligence accordingly
  • Unique challenges associated with critical types of third parties for your global business
  • Understanding the local business environment, customs and practices
  • What to do with information uncovered during the vetting process: How to evaluate red flags
  • Making the decision regarding which parties to use/not use: “On the Ground” obstacles to monitoring third party conduct