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Client-Tailored Technology Offerings

Our Innovative Client Services

GT has been successful in developing solutions to alleviate client frustration from managing multiple similar litigation matters at one time. For example, we created a proprietary client management micro-site to track the status and details of multiple litigation matters for a large retail client. In addition to providing for better case management, the client uses this site to glean insights from and recognize patterns for their respective matters. The website also allows the client to monitor case status without having to depend on direct attorney interaction via email or phone calls.

In another example, we developed a litigation case database that allowed our client and attorneys to more effectively organize, aggregate and analyze large volumes of important case related data. The database cut down on the significant amount of time spent investigating and comparing the details of thousands of similarly situated cases. Through the creation of this tool the client is now able to focus on recognizing valuable patterns and developing strategic insights which ultimately enhanced the client’s ability to defend itself in multi-party litigation.

Another value-add we offer are in-house CLEs in litigation areas of interest or to proactively address issues more broadly impacting your industry. Following a discussion with Ford Legal, we would design a program of offerings that would build on our understanding of your culture, your people and business.

From the outset of an engagement, clients want to understand how a law firm can help them, who is going to help them, and at what cost. We also recognize that clients need their representative firms to better leverage their knowledge and data to provide unique legal insights that can give them an advantage in the market. Clients want the costs of legal services to match how much they value those services, they want staffing to be optimized, and they want technology used to increase productivity. With that in mind, we have a dedicated innovative client services team that is able to create customized communication plans and design technology efficiency tools.

At GT, we have a dedicated innovative client services team that acts as an internal consulting group to promote productivity and collaboration, internally and on behalf of our clients. The team is organized around several primary business units that can be leveraged by our attorneys to deliver the highest quality client experience, which includes:

  • Optimized Staffing: Our staffing team crafts solutions outside of the historic partner, associate and paralegal model, from staff augmentation to insource expertise, to deliver top quality legal advice at a price point aligned with our clients’ cost expectations.
  • eDiscovery & eRetention: Greenberg Traurig’s eDiscovery & eRetention Practice helps companies understand what information is within their control and how to manage information to reduce litigation risk. Our interdisciplinary eRetention team — comprised of trial, corporate and securities, intellectual property and labor and employment lawyers, as well as in-house technology professionals — brings together the experience needed to counsel clients throughout the world about managing information cost-effectively and in compliance with the law. This includes a team of over 30 attorneys who, based on their experience, background, judgment and training on eDiscovery issues, have been certified by the practice leaders as official Firm eDiscovery attorneys. Our eDiscovery team has consulted in hundreds of cases with trial counsel to make eDiscovery work for parties that seek — or seek to protect — information.
  • Productivity Applications: From advanced document preparation software, to artificially intelligent due diligence software and enhanced video conference services, there are many technologies that our productivity applications team deploys to improve the efficiency and ease of how you experience the legal services our lawyers provide.
  • Value-Based Pricing: GT partners with its clients to create and implement alternative fee arrangements that provide value. The most important aspect of implementing successful fee arrangements with our clients is clearly defining expectations, scope of assignment and key assumptions. Our specialized pricing team combined with our state-of-art technology and data management tools enable us to develop and track alternative fee arrangements, build and monitor comprehensive budgets on a daily basis, and catalog matters in order to identify trends, predict future outcomes and fine-tune our fee estimates.
  • Our Matter Intelligence Team: Assists in assuring these processes are developed and implemented for our clients’ fee arrangements.
  • Strategic Legal Insights: Through data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many other emerging tools, our team harnesses our vast experience and knowledge resources to provide unparalleled strategic legal insights to our clients.
  • Process Improvement: We recognize that gathering and understanding client feedback is essential. We consult directly with clients to determine if an engagement achieved the desired goals, as well as identify the challenges and impediments to our success.
  • Culture of Innovation: GT’s unique culture empowers our attorneys to make decisions in the best interests of our clients; this fosters innovation and allows us to challenge the status quo. It is a commitment by the firm to provide the best client service using market leading tools, technology and people.

For decades, GT has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration, positioning our attorneys to provide the quality and value our clients seek. We have always looked outside of the traditional legal model for ways to provide better service to our clients, and fifty-plus years after our founding, we remain focused on developing industry-leading strategies that help our clients navigate the ever-changing legal and business environments.

At GT, we are consistently challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve client experience, maintain a habit of improvement, and to cultivate innovation in every lawyer and business professional across the firm. The following are several examples of recent innovation client stories and solutions we have proactively designed with, and on behalf of, our clients.

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Innovation Stories

Litigation Support

The Litigation Support analytics team is able to create custom dashboards to provide active analysis of the data in a graphical way. From these real time reporting on custom aspects of any project can be generated. We also have the ability to create custom dynamic objects in Relativity to provide relational connections for complementary data in a One-to-One or One-to-Many relationship.

Example 1:

  • Challenge - For an important matter, the client** and its legal team had a collection of 1.5 million documents that needed to be collected, preserved, reviewed, and produced for deposition preparation. The core challenge was to comprehensively assess this large volume of documents quickly while adhering to a set project budget.
  • Solution - The eDiscovery team jumped right in to develop a Continuous Active Learning (CAL) model configured specifically for the review. This model was then tested on a random set of documents across the entire collection. The findings were used to further refine and train the CAL model for a full run against the entire data set of 1.5 million documents.
  • Result - The result was a reduction of 1.1 million documents (73%) from the final data set which delivered nearly $800,000 in cost savings compared to traditional document review methods. The overall efficiency of utilizing a CAL model for this discovery project allowed the legal team to meet its tight timeline with greater accuracy at a significantly reduced client cost.

Example 2:
  • Challenge - A month before trial was set to begin on a matter that had been active for over four years, an additional 206,000 documents were received. The client** needed these documents reviewed quickly and thoroughly in preparation for the final set of depositions prior to trial.
  • Solution - This new data was loaded into one of the Dynamic eDiscovery analytics tools and a  Greenberg Traurig's Innovation Architect worked closely with the subject matter expert (a partner) to review and analyze the data set in a single day to locate relevant documents.
  • Result - As a result of this effort, the legal team was able work through the large volume of additional documents in under 8 hours and locate what was called the “home run document”. This document had not been seen by counsel in the 4+ years of litigation work. The matter settled shortly thereafter thanks to efficient use of the  Greenberg Traurig's Dynamic eDiscovery solution

Example 3:
  • Challenge - Internal investigation with 1,929,587 documents to locate key facts and players in the data set in a condensed time period.
  • Solution - Utilizing Brainspace to isolate communications and relations between important players, concepts, and dates helped to reduce the document population to 23,000 documents.
  • Result - The legal team was able to review and file their findings within 12 days with three reviewers.

Example 4:
  • Challenge - Opposing counsel production set received 336,910 documents for review with limited time to review and prepare for depositions.
  • Solution - Creation of a statistical sample to be uses as a seed set for a Brainspace Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) to verify accuracy and refine the conceptual model. This allowed for a statistical valid estimation of document volume for human review. A total of 1500 documents were reviewed by a subject matter expert to formulate the model.
  • Result - utilizing a cut off percentage of .7 and above the legal team was setup to review 14,000 of the 336,910 documents at which was completed in a week of time.  A sample of the remainder of the documents was also included in the review to ensure accuracy of the CMML model.

Example 5:
  • Challenge – To process, review and produce over 2 million client documents in a span of two weeks.
  • Solution - Using keyword search terms the legal team was able to reduce the population to 70,000 documents. Further reduction was able to be achieved by use of Brainspace and using analytical models.  The data set for review was 38,000 documents (54% additional reduction).
  • Result – The review of the 38,000 documents was completed by a contract review team within the two week time period and met the production deadline.

Innovative Solutions

Example 1:
  • Challenge - Our client** experienced a release of low pH process water into a local fishing area. The plaintiffs, 100+ commercial fishermen, alleged the incident caused lost income and profits over a 5-year period. Plaintiffs’ counsel produced multiple Excel files containing mass records of landings data for the fishermen that were used to determine estimated damages.
  • Solution - Analyzing the raw landing data provided by plaintiffs’ counsel, along with additional third-party data and enhanced financial modeling, the legal data analytics team developed a more informed set of assumptions and a lower estimated damage amount that was defensible. These valuable insights helped the client’s legal team in settlement discussions.
  • Result - Using the detailed insights provided by the legal data analytics team, defense counsel elected not to settle in mediation. A successful result was achieved when the case was dismissed, with prejudice. The client was pleased with the final outcome.

Example 2:
  • Challenge - Client records clicks and movements for all visitors who access their site using an application called Mouse Flow.  Mouse Flow is a recording software that must be compiled across 10 plus servers to download one video.  The videos can only be downloaded one at a time without a bulk download option.  The client estimated six months of man power to download all 350,000 videos needed for preservation.
  • Solution - Creation of a BOT (RPA - Robotic. Process Automation) was written to compile the videos from the 10+ servers and download them one at a time.  The process ran 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Result - The project was completed in 45 days as opposed to six months and required minimal human interaction as opposed to a human downloading the videos one at a time.  The human interaction was to program the BOT and spot check the videos at the end of the business day.


Our experienced legal operations professionals with expertise in knowledge management, technology, process improvement, legal project management, and alternative pricing and staffing offer solutions to enhance the processes being used by you and your team. In addition to a close examination of processes in place, we can deploy technologies to complement these improved processes.

For example, using a well-known collaboration platform, we streamlined the handling of a series of large car dealership real estate transactions. The platform became the hub for daily transaction activity, and all parties consulted the tool to securely share and review thousands of documents, and to track their responsibilities, deadlines, and updates. The client was able to monitor the deal’s progression using customized data visualization to ensure everything stayed on track. In addition to enhancing collaboration and communication, the processes and technology employed enabled the quick generation of closing documents. In selecting GT for future transactions, the client stated that our ability to handle the transactions so quickly and produce the closing documents in such an expeditious manner, was a major factor in selecting GT over their prior counsel.

 For another client, we conducted a deep dive into the handling of a large portfolio of litigation cases to discover and eliminate bottlenecks, and identify opportunities to use technology to optimize repetitive processes. One area identified for improvement was case intake. Historically, they relied on email to launch new litigation matters, provide information for timely conflict checks and legal team assignments, and obtain key approvals. The client needed a new solution that simplified and improved this intake process, could handle their high volume of matters, and reduce their overall dependency on email. The solutions deployed included the creation of a site to automate the intake workflow for new litigation matters, from initiation to client approval of the assigned legal team. Comprehensive visual dashboards were created to provide the client with easy access to the intake status of each matter and custom workflows were developed to manage post-intake requests and client feedback. GT also built a robust document repository to provide real-time access to correspondence, evidence, pleadings, and other documents associated with each litigation matter.