Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Our thoughts are with our Texas colleagues and all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Below is a sample of organizations offering attorneys opportunities to assist individuals and organizations pro bono during recovery, as well as opportunities for all to make donations.

Pro Bono Opportunities

State Bar of Texas

The Disaster Relief page on the State Bar of Texas's website includes a sign-up form that allows attorneys to designate whether or not they are licensed as a Texas attorney and would like to assist. They are currently working on getting an order from the Texas Supreme Court to have out-of-state attorneys be eligible to assist with disaster relief.  That being said, they are collecting both out-of-state attorneys licensed in Texas AND out-of-state attorneys NOT licensed in Texas on this intake survey.

You can follow Pro Bono Texas for updates on remote trainings if you think you can ultimately help

If you are licensed in Texas, you can also answer questions on

Areas of likely need

  • FEMA applications
  • Insurance applications
  • Documentation replacement

More Information

Disaster Shelter Legal Clinic Volunteer Sign-up
Opportunity appropriate for lawyers in the Houston area and volunteers willing to serve as translators.

Houston Food Bank Shift Sign-up
Opportunity appropriate for all volunteers in the Houston area.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers Registration 
Sign up to receive ongoing information about opportunities for lawyers in the Houston area.

Donation Links