Doing Business With Native American Tribal Corporations

In an expanding global economy, investors are looking for competitive advantages and more advantageous business environments. Businesses and investors might be surprised to discover that a favorable partnership might exist in their own backyard. Under the U.S. Constitution, Native American Indian tribes are recognized as semi sovereign nations, and a business venture with an Indian tribe can offer many advantages.

Native American Indian tribal governments have the authority to establish their own laws and regulations. Most tribes have wholly-owned tribal corporate entities that enjoy most of the same legal protections and advantages as the tribe itself. In addition, the federal government has enacted a broad array of financial incentives to encourage investment in economic development projects in economically distressed areas in general, and on tribal lands specifically.

There are over 560 Native American tribal governments in the United States, and there are a number of factors that can make Indian tribes and their wholly-owned corporations very attractive for your business partnerships and investments.

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