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China Newsletter, Spring 2015 / No. 30

The China Newsletter provides an overview of key developments in areas including foreign direct investment, intellectual property, dispute resolution, consumer rights and tax legislation. This issue features the following articles:

Foreign Direct Investment

  • MOC Publishes Draft of the Foreign Investment Law of the People’s Republic of China
  • NDRC Releases Notice Eliminating Enterprise Operation Autonomy Matters As the Pre-Conditions for Enterprise Investment Project Approvals
  • NDRC and MOC Promulgates Revised Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue
  • MIIT Removes Foreign Equity Ratio Restrictions for Online Data Processing and Transaction Processing Business

Intellectual Property

  • Supreme People's Court Revises Several Provisions on Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Adjudication of Patent Dispute Cases
  • Supreme People's Court Interprets Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Adjudication of Requests for Behavior Preservation in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Disputes

Dispute Resolution

  • SPC Issues Judicial Interpretation on Civil Procedure Law
  • SPC Releases Provisions on Issues Concerning the Hearing of Cases by Circuit Courts

Consumer Rights

  • SAIC Publishes the Measures for the Punishment of Conduct Infringing the Rights and Interests of Consumers
  • Supreme People’s Court Announces the Provisions on Jurisdiction in Cases of the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Courts


  • SAT Releases Trial Administrative Measures on Individual Income Tax on Income from Equity Transfer
  • Chinese State Administration of Taxation Issues Circular on Several Issues Concerning Enterprise Income Tax from Indirect Transfer of Property by Non-Resident Enterprises
  • China Issues Notice on Several Issues Concerning Enterprise Income Tax Generated by Contribution of Non-Cash Assets as Equity

Foreign Exchange

  • SAFE Releases Circular on the Pilot Operation of the Cross-border Foreign Exchange Payment Business for Payment Institutions
  • SAFE Issues Notice Concerning Further Simplifying and Improving Foreign Exchange Administration on Inbound and Outbound Direct Investment


  • MOC Releases the Trial Provisions on Imposing Restrictive Conditions on the Concentration of Business Operators


  • CBRC Releases Draft of Administrative Measures for Entrusted Loans Undertaken by Commercial Banks