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Contract Law 2020

Michael Cedillos, Kevin Finger, Ruth Bahe-Jachna, David Repking, Howard Jeruchimowitz, and Aaron Klein authored chapters in the 2020 edition of the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education's Contract Law book. Each attorney wrote the following chapters:

Michael R. Cedillos

  • Introduction and Essentials of Contract Formation
  • The Alternatives of Promissory Estoppel and Quasi-Contract

Kevin D. Finger

  • Breach of Contract and Nonperformance

Ruth A. Bahe-Jachna and David S. Repking

  • Joint and Several Contracts
  • Contract Disputes and Litigation

Howard K. Jeruchimowitz and Aaron S. Klein

  • The Moorman (aka Economic-Loss) Doctrine – The Line Between Contract and Tort Losses

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