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Excellence and Value: An Interview with Richard A. Rosenbaum

To what do you attribute the enduring success of this firm?

I was fortunate to learn a lot from Dave Thomas, a great American story who was the founder of Wendy’s, and several other Horatio Alger-like people, including our own Cesar Alvarez (former firm CEO) – all people who built success on their own. One thing Dave taught me was that any successful entrepreneur has to have a lot of confidence and optimism, and just enough ignorance. As Cesar put it, don’t let conventional wisdom stop you; don’t ever let anyone tell you that something is impossible or that you cannot do it. We did a lot of things that, in retrospect, were against all odds but which were accomplished based on working very hard, providing quality legal services, delivering value to clients, and benefi tting from just a little bit of ignorance too. We always understood that bringing all of these folks together under one roof and growing big was not the game plan. We knew real success would only come from working together intensely, collaborating across all of our locations and practices, having a reward system that motivates positive behavior and, having a governance system that does not get in the way.

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