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2014 Roundtable Series on Product Liability

In recent years, the outcome of product liability cases that go to trial has depended heavily on the personal outlook of the jury, making the juror selection process more critical than ever before. One analysis found that in 85 percent of trials the questions at issue were not factual but philosophical. Ferreting out bias due to media coverage, life experience, and personality type can be essential to winning a case. Our panel of experts from Northern and Southern California discussed the art of jury selection, sophisticated intermediaries and duty to warn, warnings and causation, and the use of science days. The participants were Thomas Girardi of Girardi Keese; Robert Herrington of Greenberg Traurig; R. Bryan Martin of Haight Brown & Bonesteel; and Jessica L. Grant of Venable. The roundtable was moderated by California Lawyer and reported by Laurie Schmidt of Barkley Court Reporters.

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