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3 Tips From Attys To Improve The E-Verify Program

A growing number of companies are using the E-Verify program to check employees' work authorization status online, and lawyers expect the program to keep gaining steam and perhaps even become mandatory for all U.S. employers. But the system's not perfect, and lawyers pointed to three things the government could do to make E-Verify more attractive to businesses.


"E-Verify does everything that the I-9 process does, but more effectively," he said. "Employers would prefer to have a system where the I-9 process is stopped and E-Verify replaces the I-9 requirement so that all new hires are run through E-Verify by all employers in the United States." 

Rather than having employers juggling both the I-9 and E-Verify processes, if would make more sense to tell employers enrolled in E-Verify that they don't have to complete the I-9 process, according to Macdonald.

"That in itself would be an incentive for any employer to enroll in E-Verify, because the I-9 process is a process that costs companies a lot of money in ensuring that they are complaint," Macdonald said.

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