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A Client-Focused Culture

What is the Greenberg Traurig advantage?

For starters, we have always put our culture first. We have never forgotten that in a professional services organization, our product is our people. The respect, trust, empowerment, and collaboration of our talent makes them and our clients come back every day.

We have also remained focused on delivering an elite level of quality and an extraordianary value proposition. Normally, a firm has to decide whether they are going to provide a high level of quality or value. We have tried to use our platform to deliver both and to focus on increasing the excellence and collaboration. In recent years, this has stood out even more.

We are still in a market with a very strong segment at the top that does very well, but it's a shrinking group of smaller firms that tend to be in New York and London. Clients do not want to pay for that kind of work more than they have to and where they do, it tends to be transactional as opposed to about relationships.