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Breakthrough for Virtual Reality, Headwind for Drones: GT Germany Presents the GP Bullhound Technology Trends 2016

BERLIN, February 11, 2016 - The international technology investment bank GP Bullhound has presented its annual analysis of current top technology trends hosted by Greenberg Traurig Germany (GT Germany) in Berlin and Munich.

Among others, the experts at GP Bullhound predict that virtual reality technology will experience a definite breakthrough in 2016: new hardware provided by technology giants from Asia and Silicon Valley is expected to create undreamt-of opportunities for developers in this area. The investment bank also sees exceptional growth potential in the field of connected devices, where wearables and connected cars in particular will be playing an ever increasing role. The potential of drones, on the other hand, is regarded with caution: although they are becoming increasingly popular, there is still significant uncertainty regarding laws and regulations, technological possibilities, and the risk of accidents. The gaming industry is another key topic of the study. According to the experts’ assessments, the upcoming year will see further consolidation in this field: They expect an increasing number of independent game developers to be taken over by the major players in the industry. According to GP Bullhound, the video-on-demand sector will become more attractive for marketers in 2016 due to improved measurability of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the user retention.

Dr. Josef Hofschroer, Partner at Greenberg Traurig in the Corporate/M&A practice, said: “We are already seeing many of the presented trends in our daily work, both in financings and M&A transactions, as well as in the non-transactional areas of advice which are in high demand. The growing importance of cybersecurity presented as a trend has already been a special focus of our advisory services in our office in Germany for quite some time. And with the recent entry of Rudolph Giuliani as Global Chair of Cybersecurity and Crisis Management, we have an excellent team for assisting our clients in this field on an international scale.”

The event, which was over-booked with roughly 100 guests, is part of an international series of events. This year, GP Bullhound is publishing its annual trend study for the ninth year running. The predictions of the investment bank are based on assessments and analyses of the international teams of experts regarding investment and M&A activities on the technology market.

The complete report is available at: