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5 Traits Of The Best Law Firm Management Committees

Running a successful law firm may often seem to require the skills of a politician, magician and psychologist all at the same time, but there are basic practices and approaches a firm can employ to ensure it has the best possible management committee leading the way.

The challenges for these committees are many, including setting the right tone and going the extra mile to make everyone happy now while keeping an eye on the future. A focus on building inclusiveness, trust and consensus goes a long way toward getting the most out of the firm's talent and weathering any storms.


Greenberg Traurig LLP, which operates with a core leadership team atop a 19-partner executive committee, has also organized a Communications Forum made up of 40 young lawyers, according to CEO Brian L. Duffy.

“We're incredibly focused in that group on making sure that our next generation reflects the diversity of the organization from a gender standpoint and race and geography,” he said.

The group meets with similar frequency as the executive committee and covers the same discussion topics. Some of the best ideas emerge from this committee, Duffy said, noting, “They have such a different perspective, and they bring a different passion and different group of ideas.”

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