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Nevada Gaming Panel Considers Betting On E-Sports

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval believes existing state gaming regulations may allow wagering on the outcome of professional electronic or e-sports games such as Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Painkiller and Call of Duty.

“In order to remain the global leader in gaming policy and innovation, we should embrace the opportunities in merging technology with this evolving and competitive industry,” Governor Sandoval said in a statement before Friday’s Nevada Gaming Policy Committee hearing.

The e-sports industry is also being looked at as a way to draw millennials into Las Vegas casinos.

Although Sandoval believes wagering on e-sports can be done under current regulations, wagering on these events is still not allowed in Nevada.


Meanwhile, the California Legislature is considering Assembly Bill 2863, which would allow intrastate online poker, said Mark Clayton, co-chairman of gaming practice at law firm Greenberg Traurig.

The bill would permit the California Gaming Commission or California Department of Justice to subcontract with Nevada to investigate online poker applicants for online poker licenses.

The measure could lead to closer California-Nevada ties and potentially to California’s participation in the online poker compact.

The arrangement would help California start online poker play and related tax revenue collections while Nevada and Delaware benefit from increased player liquidity, Clayton said.

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