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Florida Law Firms Catch Startup Fever

Two of South Florida's largest law firms are touting new parterships to help coax new companies to life — and hopefully win new clients in the process.

As cities far from Silicon Valley aim to nurture startup cultures of their own, Am Law 200 firms around the country have been elbowing each other to catch the new companies' attention. In Miami, Greenberg Traurig is advising and co-sponsoring a "boot camp" for startups that has been active in Europe and is now bringing its work to the U.S.

The program, called Startupbootcamp, bills itself as an accelerator, rather than an incubator, because it seeks to support companies that exist but are in an early stage of development. After establishing programs in Berlin, London and other European cities, Startupbootcamp reached out to Greenberg Traurig corporate partner Jaret Davis when it settled on Miami as its first U.S. location and wanted to find an industry focus.

Davis, who co-manages Greenberg Traurig's Miami office, helped Startupbootcamp settle on digital health, which he calls "the nexus of IT and health systems." Startups in the industry could be software companies that help hospitals do intake more efficiently, for example.

"If you're looking for a vertical where you think there's a lot of strength, where you can truly play the role of accelerator, rather than catalyst, digital health is the way to go," said Davis, adding that with large aging and young populations, Miami is home to one of the country's biggest health markets.

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