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Greenberg Traurig Names New Vice Chairs

NEW YORK (7 September 2016) -- Global law firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP has concluded its annual midyear leadership meeting. The firm’s leadership group expressed a renewed commitment to its strategies of finding greater opportunities in change while remaining one, unified law firm delivering an elite level of excellence and extraordinary value to its clients in its key practices and markets.

"The Greenberg Traurig story has long been one of independence, empowering our talent and providing value to our clients," said Brian Duffy, the firm's Chief Executive Officer. "We understand the importance of change: finding opportunities for our clients and to better operate and strategically guide our firm."

On 1 January 2016, Richard A. Rosenbaum moved to the Executive Chairman position, and the firm then named Duffy to his current role. Rosenbaum retained certain key roles, including shareholder compensation, firm strategy, certain U.S., and all non-U.S. operations, with the two generally working closely as a team along with other key firm leaders.

“When we created the Executive Chairman role, we contemplated adding Vice Chairs who would assist with the firm's strategic direction as well as high-level selling and recruiting, while they continue to lead their busy legal practices," said Rosenbaum. "At this time, we are pleased that Patricia Menéndez-Cambó, Paul Maher, and Richard Edlin have accepted these roles. They are each proven strategic thinkers, bringing a diverse set of experiences and perspectives to the roles across the United States and the globe. They are of course, first and foremost, exceptional lawyers who understand how to satisfy our clients’ legal needs."

In July of 2009, Paul Maher founded the London office of the firm as Greenberg Traurig Maher. As Maher takes on the Vice Chair role and focuses on working with Rosenbaum and his fellow Vice Chairs on broader firm strategic matters, he has decided to make a timely change to the office name, intended to emphasize the unified and collaborative nature of the firm in today's world.

"I am genuinely excited about my new role, and feel it is now time to change our name in London to simply, 'Greenberg Traurig', as the firm is known in the United States. This change will further strengthen our message to the world that we are one firm with one brand across the globe," said Maher.

In his role as Executive Chair, Rosenbaum leads the careful positioning of the firm as a player in its core areas in key jurisdictions. He views Europe as particularly fertile ground in the current environment, through the strategic development and integration of current and potential future locations.

"We are blessed to have a wealth of strong and unselfish leaders across the firm, as so clearly evidenced by these moves. In Europe, I will of course work closely with the senior leaders of each of our offices in executing our plans in a strategic manner that is sensitive to each market and culture, even as we also carefully consider opportunities in the US, Latin America, Asia, Israel and elsewhere," Rosenbaum said.

About Greenberg Traurig, LLP

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