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NEW YORK – March 28, 2017 – Global law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP has 37 attorneys recognized in the 2017 edition of the prestigious legal services directory, Chambers Global. Additionally, the directory recognizes 23 of the firm’s practice areas.

Chambers and Partners, a UK–based publisher, selects attorneys for inclusion in its guides based on thousands of interviews with practicing lawyers and clients from around the world. Attorneys, practice areas, and firms are ranked by placement in bands, with "Band 1" being the highest placement. Attorneys and firms can also be designated as “Foreign Experts,” “Experts Based Abroad,” and "Foreign Desks" to highlight a particular expertise in a jurisdiction despite being based outside of the jurisdiction. View a full explanation of the rankings.

Shareholders Patricia Menéndez-Cambó in the Miami office; Mark A. Clayton in the Las Vegas office; Jude Kearney in the Washington, D.C. office; José Raz Guzmán in the Mexico office; Jarosław Grzesiak and Paweł Pietkiewicz in the Warsaw office; and Lisa Navarro in the London office are ranked in “Band 1” in their respective regions.

Shareholder Lejb Fogelman in the Warsaw office is listed as a “Senior Statesman” in Corporate/M&A. Shareholder Dennis J. Block in the New York office and Shareholder Gary M. Epstein in the Miami office are recognized as “Eminent Practitioners” in Corporate/M&A. In addition, Przemysław Kozdój in the Warsaw office, Miguel Moisés in the Mexico office, and Iksoo Kim in the Seoul office are recognized as “Up and Coming.”

The firm, with offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, has attorneys ranked in its offices in Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, London, Mexico, Miami, New York, Northern Virginia, Seoul, Silicon Valley, Tampa, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Washington, D.C. In addition to individual rankings, the firm is ranked “Band 1” in Capital Markets: Equity and Corporate/M&A in Poland. The firm is listed as a “Foreign Desk Abroad” in Corporate/M&A in Israel. Greenberg Traurig is the only major international law firm with a multidisciplinary, registered office in Tel Aviv and serves as a gateway for Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities around the world.

The following Greenberg Traurig practice areas are recognized in the 2017 Chambers Global guide by Region:


  • Immigration


  • Corporate/M&A

Latin America-wide

  • Corporate/M&A

  • Banking & Finance


  • Banking & Finance

  • Energy & Natural Resources

  • Projects

  • Corporate/M&A


  • Capital Markets: Equity

  • Capital Markets: Debt

  • Corporate/M&A

  • Banking & Finance

  • Dispute Resolution

United Kingdom

  • Corporate/M&A

United States

  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring

  • Corporate/M&A – Foreign Desk for Israel

  • Corporate/M&A – Foreign Desk for Latin America-wide

  • Immigration – Business

The following Greenberg Traurig attorneys are recognized in the 2017 Chambers Global guide by region:

Equatorial Guinea

  • Jude Kearney – General Business Law (Expert Based Abroad)


  • Mark A. Clayton – Gaming & Gambling


  • Gary M. Epstein – Corporate/M&A (Expert Based Abroad)

  • Robert L. Grossman – Corporate/M&A (Expert Based Abroad)


Latin America-wide

  • Emilio J. Alvarez-Farré – Corporate/M&A

  • Randy A. Bullard – Corporate/M&A and Banking & Finance

  • Patricia Menéndez-Cambó – Corporate/M&A


  • José Raz Guzmán – Banking & Finance; Capital Markets; and Corporate/M&A

  • Miguel Moisés – Banking & Finance and Corporate/M&A

  • Juan Manuel González Bernal – Banking & Finance and Projects


  • Andrew Caunt– Capital Markets: Equity (Expert Based Abroad)

  • Lejb Fogelman – Corporate/M&A

  • Jarosław Grzesiak – Capital Markets: Equity and Corporate/M&A

  • Przemysław Kozdój – Banking & Finance

  • Ireneusz Matusielański– Capital Markets: Equity

  • Paweł Pietkiewicz – Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution: Most in Demand Arbitrators

  • Federico Salinas – Capital Markets: Equity; Capital Markets (Foreign Expert for UK); Capital Markets (Foreign Expert for USA)

  • Rafał Sieński – Capital Markets

  • Agnieszka Stankiewicz – Banking & Finance

  • Andrzej Wysokiński – Banking & Finance and Dispute Resolution

South Korea

  • Iksoo Kim – Capital Markets: International Firms

United Kingdom

United States

  • Emilio Alvarez-Farré – Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Latin America-wide)

  • Douglas C. Atnipp – Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional)

  • Dennis J. Block – Corporate/M&A

  • Mark D. Bloom – Bankruptcy/Restructuring

  • Randy A. Bullard – Banking & Finance (Foreign Expert for Latin America-wide) and Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Latin America-wide)

  • Mark G. Davis – International Trade: Intellectual Property (Section 337)

  • Gary M. Epstein – Corporate/M&A and Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Israel)

  • Francoise Gilbert – Privacy and Data Security

  • Robert L. Grossman – Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Israel)

  • Jude Kearney – Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Equatorial Guinea)

  • Richard C. McCrea, Jr. – Labor & Employment

  • Patricia Menéndez-Cambó – Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Latin America-wide)

  • Kenneth M. Minesinger – Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory and Litigation)

  • Howard L. Nelson – Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory and Litigation)

  • Laura Foote Reiff – Immigration: Business

  • Federico Salinas – Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (Expert Based Abroad in Poland)

  • Martha J. Schoonover – Immigration: Business

  • Peter W. Zinober – Labor & Employment

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