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After the Gold Rush

It’s tempting to bracket Poland, as a growing economy, in with some of the less mature markets in Central and Eastern Europe and think of commercial activity there as comparative with its neighbours and narrowly focused. To do so would be short-sighted: the more time spent investigating the flow of inbound money into the country, the more it’s clear that a diverse range of industries are benefitting from and adapting to investment, giving real depth to the economic prosperity.


Greenberg Traurig’s Warsaw managing partner Jarosław Grzesiak agrees that today’s market is moving fast, influenced by, but not in the shadow of, its Eurozone neighbours to the West. “With deregulation and economic stabilization, Western European banks moved aggressively into Poland to help consolidate the banking sector and expand the scope and depth of services offered,” he says. “At the same time, a few of the leading domestic players adopted modernization strategies to keep them at the front of the pack.”

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