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National Association of Bond Lawyers 42nd Annual Bond Attorneys Workshop

Philadelphia shareholder, Rebecca Harrigal, is a panelist for “The Commissioner’s Side: IRS Examinations, Voluntary Compliance Programs, and Outreach” at the Fairmont Chicago. This panel will focus on (1) current topics relating to IRS examinations of tax-exempt bonds and other tax-advantaged bonds, (2) current topics relating to the IRS Voluntary Closing Agreement Program (VCAP) for tax-exempt bonds and other tax-advantaged bonds, and (3) other initiatives, activities and publications of the Tax-Exempt Bond function within the TE/GE Division of the IRS.  The panel will meet three times.  The first two meetings will include a panelist in a senior TE/GE position.  The third meeting will be a practitioner-only session that excludes government and press attendance.  We expect to focus some of the discussion on implications of the recent reorganization of TE/GE, including how that reorganization may affect current examination initiatives and voluntary closing agreement procedures.