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Webinar: Implications of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Israeli Companies Operating in the United States

GT Tel Aviv Shareholders Joey T. Shabot and Meira Ferziger will be presenting in a webinar delivered in Hebrew, hosted by the Israel Export Institute on March 25th, 2020 at 2-3 pm (GMT+2).

Title of the webinar (delivered in Hebrew):

Coping with the Effects on US Business
By Joey Shabot, Esq.

  • Delayed performance, late payments and other breaches of contract 
  • The enforceability of force majeure clauses

Managing Issues Related to US-Based Employees
By Meira Ferziger, Esq.

  • Salary Reduction
  • Leave without Pay
  • Reduction in Force / Layoff
  • Monitoring Employee Health in light of Privacy Issues