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The University of Vienna's Event Series: Cloud Computing Post Schrems II

The University of Vienna, in conjunction with IT-LAW and the Institute for Innovation and Digitalization in Law groups, has organized the lecture series, "Cloud Computing post Schrems II," focusing on the Schrems II judgment, in which the Court of Justice of the European Union overshot the legality of the previously valid Privacy Shield for the USA. On July 2, GT's Dr. Viola Bensinger, Global Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Practice Group,  Chair of the Germany Technology and Litigation Practice Groups, will present the session, "The Use of Cloud Computing in Public Administration and the Private Sector." On August 17, GT's Gretchen Ramos, Global Co-Chair of the Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, will present the session, "US Data Laws - Cloud Act, FISA & Co.?”