10 steps to commercial lease negotiating — without the pain

Dealing with commercial leases in Austin is an unavoidable reality of operating a business — but it doesn’t have to be a painful one.

Leases can be, and usually are, complex. However, by focusing on several key issues, you can greatly simplify and demystify the negotiation process. Below are some tips — gained from our experience in lease negotiations, both good and bad — to take the pain out of commercial leasing.

Pick your battles

On most things, you probably already know what is “market.” Don’t get bogged down in minutiae — instead, look at the bigger picture. Consider making a top-10 list of the items that matter most to you, then focus your negotiation on those items.

A little empathy goes a long way

Often, parties get too keyed on their role and position in a lease and fail to view the lease from the other party’s perspective. Remember, this is a “marriage” and not a war.

Don’t just write; talk

Word processing and comparison programs make drafting and reviewing much easier, but often minimize (or eliminate) actual discussion. A call — or, better yet, an in-person meeting with the other side — can significantly reduce negotiation time.

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