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The Art of Innovation Conference: The Future of Transportation

Join us for a day where you can learn about the future of technology and entrepreneurship, meet like-minded peers and industry leaders, and learn how the world, as we know it, will change in the years ahead. This year's event is a collaboration between CSUN's College of Engineering and Computer Science, David Nazarian College of Business & Economics, and College of Health and Human Development.

Technology and entrepreneurship are changing everything – from how we shop, to how we get around, how we age, how we're entertained, and how we learn. Now in its fifth year, CSUN's Art of Innovation Conference is a dynamic, panel-style event covering the role of technology in entrepreneurship, as well as the trends, opportunities, and expert advice related to forming and launching new ventures. The 2018 Conference will focus on three key areas: Big Data/Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Transportation, and Innovation in Healthcare.