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The BPIP Annual Conference brings global decision makers and international IP stars to Tel Aviv ensuring you are updated on the IP global issues, trends and legislation that affect your company’s IP.

Barry Schindler will be taking part in a Mock Infringement Case in the morning, and later in the day will be speaking on the following panel: The Role of IP Managers in the R&D Process, Promoting Innovation and IP Training, Effective Implementation

Adam Snukal will be taking part on the following panel: Big Data – Fair Use, Commercialization, GDPR

Barry Schindler, Adam Snukal and Mark Ruberto will be giving a three hour Master Class on the following topic: BIG DATA and AI: IP Protection, Transactional and Regulatory Considerations

The confluence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created major challenges in IP protection, transactional and regulatory considerations. These challenges have in turn created new risk paradigms that affect how companies protect their assets, make day-to-day core business decisions, implement privacy and security protocols, and even buy/sell assets.  This Masterclass will explore these challenges, and sample the most current trends in these areas.

Topics will include:

• IP protection of the outputs from processing big data corpora using AI algorithms -- protected by patents and copyrights

• Apply trade secret laws to newly-generated corpora created from AI algorithms that correlate data from multiple databases containing private and/or personal data.

• Understanding the efficacy and risks of using AI in regulated industries.

• Building privacy & data security systems and protocols tailored around AI.

• What every seller and purchaser needs to consider when selling a business heavily reliant on proprietary AI algorithms.