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Then & Now: Clark County Bar Association

Ask a member of Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) why Southern Nevada attorneys should become members of the organization and the answers will span most of the benefits of membership. The one answer included every time: People.

That answer comes in variations. But when networking, meeting colleagues, meeting judges, doing community service, volunteering on the Board of Directors and chairing one of the organization’s five committees are pared down, it comes down to people.


“It’s a great opportunity to work with fellow attorneys to achieve some good things,” said Tami Cowden, Greenberg Traurig LLP, CCBA president.


“One thing I can say has changed significantly, having come to Las Vegas from having practiced elsewhere, Vegas is different,” said Cowden. “Or Nevada is different. And one of the really nice differences is the interaction between bench and bar. There’s far more involvement of the judges in the bar activities here than where I practiced in Colorado. I think in general there’s a greater opportunity to get to know judges’ personalities and just to get to know them as people here than in other parts of the country. Part of that is that even though there has been a significant increase in the number of attorneys [in Nevada], it remains a relatively small bar.”

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