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Amsterdam Sustainability Desk

Recent studies have demonstrated that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play a crucial role in driving the value of real estate investments. Both investors and lenders are increasing their focus on ESG, not only because it may be part of their core values or to meet governmental obligations, but also due to the financial impact that sustainability may have, both downward and upward.

The Netherlands is known for its strong commitment to sustainability and has taken many steps to ensure a greener future. As a result, laws and regulations are constantly evolving, being updated or revised, and is subject to frequent changes or modifications. Our Amsterdam Sustainability Desk provides assistance and support for real estate sustainability inquiries in the Netherlands and the EU. Our broad knowledge in both real estate and sustainability allows us to guide clients through the ever-evolving landscape.

Contact Us

The Amsterdam Sustainability Desk is available daily and can be reached through email or by phone at +31 682 816 523.

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