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From Sea to Shining Sea: Investment Opportunities in U.S. Markets Beyond the Major Coastal Cities

Foreign investors consider US real estate among the most stable and secure investments, if not the most stable and secure, of the world’s real estate markets. In the current cycle, foreign investors, chasing consistent and plentiful returns have flooded the US real estate market with capital. Most of this capital has been sent to the largest and most expensive markets in the country, like New York and San Francisco, cities that international investors have the most personal exposure to and where they like to visit and live. In this process international investors have bypassed enormous opportunities in smaller cities throughout the country, many of which have experienced both short and long term gains in property values which exceed those found in New York and other marquis markets. Coupled with favourable demography, and legal and regulatory environments found in these smaller urban areas and these secondary real estate markets represent enormous untapped opportunity for the innovative and intrepid foreign real estate investor.

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