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Trade Secrets IP Protection & Management USA, Lessons Learned: US Trade Secret Litigation Strategy

Gregory Bombard will speak as a panelist at Trade Secrets IP Protection & Management USA on March 16th, 2023. 2021 and 2022 has seen a rapid increase in trade secret misappropriation filings meaning that a wealth of case-studies now exists. Using this practical panel session to understand where trade secret cases have arisen and how you can update your litigation strategy.

  • Prosecution of a trade secret claim and defense against allegations of misappropriation.
  • Learn from case studies in trade secret litigation:              

                o Google/ Waymo vs Uber (2020)

                o Appian vs Pegasystems Inc. (2022)

                o Google/ Waymo vs Uber (2020)

                o Appian vs Pegasystems Inc. (2022)

                o Genentech, Inc. v. JHL Biotech, Inc. (2019)

  • Discover the different methods of pursuing trade secrets litigation in the US:
                o State v Federal Court

                o Motions to Dismiss

                o Preliminary Injunction Proceedings

                o Expedited Discovery Proceedings

                o Depositions

                o Motions to compel

                o Spoliation Sanctions

                o Summary Judgment

                o Trail

  • Understand the core benefits to litigation before the ITC.
  • Cost effective strategies to trade secret litigation.
  • Discover how to conduct the appropriate due diligence required before entering litigation.