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5 Ways To Keep The Jury Awake During A Patent Trial

Staying out of the weeds when trying complicated and technical patent cases can be a tall order for even the most seasoned trial lawyers, but telling a clear story and painting plenty of visuals for jurors can help pave the path to victory.


Attorneys also should try to avoid legal and technical jargon as much as possible, according to Nicholas Brown, a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig LLP.

"I think it's important to avoid technical lingo and acronyms, especially when you're talking about critical issues in a case," he said. "Terminology can get in the way of understanding. Instead of saying a case is about 'negotiated parameters in CDMA uplinks,' an attorney can say it's about 'cellphones and cell towers talking to each other to set the quality that's available for a call.'"

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