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What New Litigators Can Do To Win Their First Trial

Litigating your first case is terrifying. Are you prepared? Will the judge and jury take you seriously? Will you ask the right questions? Will your witnesses do well on the stand? Will you win? Here, more than 45 veteran attorneys give new litigators advice on how to handle their first trial.


“Theme and storytelling. That’s what young trial lawyers should focus on. The 'theme' is a memorable phrase that grabs the jury’s attention and tells them why your client should win. It should be the first thing you say in opening, and the foundation of your closing. The storyline should incorporate your theme, diffuse the other side’s best points, and be concise and flow logically. Theme and storyline development begin when you first get the case. It’s an iterative process, so don’t worry about getting it right on day one. The fun and challenge is in the journey.” -Michael Nicodema, Greenberg Traurig, LLP.

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